A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

I can’t stop thinking of baby. Be it finding the baby section in whatever store I happen to be in, to looking up stuff for baby showers and even nursery theme ideas. I just can’t stop thinking of baby things. I know, it’s not exactly a bad thing. I guess I’m just amazed at myself at how much I have become “into” baby stuff. About a year ago, I was like “eh, whatever. We will have a baby eventually”. To “yeah, maybe we will try, and whatever happens, happens”. And now it’s, “baby, baby, baby”.

  I guess with that, I also don’t want to overwhelm Brian. Even though I’ve been with him for over 12 years now, it’s still hard to understand what he’s really thinking…especially about this. So I don’t want to suffocate him with things. 

I guess that’s another reason I have this blog, so I can talk to myself about things here. Though it doesn’t help that he reads this……..hi sweetie. 
Any who: a few things I wanted to jot down are baby shower themes. Mostly because last night when searching, I kept coming across this one theme I fell in love with: bow ties. I’m also partial to dinosaurs. Or how about dinosaurs in bow ties. 😁
I guess my mind is set on it being a boy, for multiple reasons. So I’m already leaning that way in things.  I saw a bib yesterday at the store, and I didn’t get it because it looks like a suit, and that’s doesn’t work for a girl.  But after talking to Katie, I am convinced to go back and get it. It was just too damned cute. So yeah, if it’s a girl, I’m really going to have to change gears. But just like any parent, I just want them to be happy and healthy…and well behaved…and a reader….and smart…oh the list goes on and on. I’m gonna stop now.