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So today we saw Dr. G, and he gave us an ultrasound. Said he liked to do them at this appointment to put any fears at rest. And I’m glad he did it before trying for the heartbeat, because he couldn’t pick up the audio. And that would have made me freak out. I have been worried that I lost the baby, but just didn’t miscarry the past couple weeks….so yeah…glad he did an ultrasound. 

So no hearing the heartbeat, but we saw the baby and the little flicker of her/his heartbeat. We also got to see the arms (no Brian, it’s not the penis) and it’s gigantic head (because it’s going to be a genius – ok I know that’s not true, but still….our DNA?  It’s a given). Lol. 
Also, all my blood work is normal. Blood pressure is good.  Urine cultures are good. Even my 3 lb weight gain (Eeek!) he was happy with. So there you go – one more month till we see the baby again. But all is going well – and that’s a relief.