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So I’ve been kinda unsure the last few days, but I’ve been thinking that I feel the baby move at night about 10:30ish. Tonight was no different. Laying down and about the same time I feel flutters, but not fully convinced. Then about 11pm, after failing to pass out, I turn on this app I have that plays rain and such. It really helps me fall asleep. Anywho, I decide to set it on my body pillow near my tummy just to see. And HOLY SHIT it’s the baby. (Or else my gas reacts to rainstorms.  Lol). I could really feel it. Like it has to be the baby. It’s kinda amazing, and really fucking creepy at the same time. 

Though I cannot wait till the baby is strong enough and brian can feel it himself. That will be fun. Hopefully not much longer now.