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Today we went to the doctors for our big appointment and found out that we are having a baby girl!

A little Kaylee Rose Warner or Kahlan Rose Warner!  That will be decided on later, probably when she’s born.  Hey, I can finally stop using the terms “the baby” or “it”!!

So let’s start with the fun stuff…..pictures!

Our Baby:

Our baby on display:

And some fun ones, her little hand and skull (because Brian thought it looked really cool):

And now for the important info.  All my tests were normal, blood pressure normal, cervix and all that jazz are good.  The baby is currently 1 lb and it is estimated she will be around 7lbs at birth (please god, let that be true).  All her digits are there, and organs are looking good.  Basically we are spot on for the timeline and doing great.

So now we can really start our planning and buying.  As in now I don’t have to hold back if I see something I really want.  🙂   In the next few weeks we will do our registry and start on the nursery for our daughter.  (That’s still weird to say)