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And not in a good way. First let me take a step back. A few years ago my family doctor asked me if I was ever told that I have a heart murmur. The answer being no, we were just monitoring it. And nothing has been said really since. I occasionally, like once a month or two, get a flutter in my chest that lasts a few seconds and goes away. Sometimes repeating itself. No other symptoms. So I’ve never really done anything about it. 

In the past few weeks it has been happening more frequently. More like once a week. Well last night at about 8:15pm, I started to have some fluttering in my chest. It lasted about 15 minutes of on and off fluttering, which is a lot longer then normal. I started to feel my pulse in my neck in case if it repeated, and when the flutters started my heart rate felt like it had doubled. Then back to normal when the fluttering went away. Frankly it scared the crap out of me. 
So today I went to the doctors and nothing showed on my EKG. My blood pressure was normal but my heart rate was high (109). They took blood to check for anemia and my thyroid. They called my OB and they said since it’s not happening everyday, they aren’t that concerned. So just to be safe, and to see if they can catch it, I am waiting at the hospital to be hooked up to a portable heart monitor for the next 24 hours. 
I want them to catch it so I know what’s happening. I also want to believe they are right and it’s nothing. I will also be writing down every time it happens until I see my OB again on the 17th just in case.  Fingers crossed it’s nothing and I’m freaking for no reason. But better safe then sorry.