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So I haven’t heard anything about the monitor I wore yet, but I did get my blood tests back. 

And it turns out I’m anemic. Which can cause a rapid heart rate and shortness of breath (which I have, but attributed it to the extra blood in my body – which can also cause it). It kinda sucks how you can have so many symptoms of different things, but they’re all the same symptoms for like everything. So it makes it complicated. Oh, and the most common known symptom is fatigue…which is normal in pregnant women, but the last few weeks I have been exhausted. Like actually taking naps after work exhausted. Lol. So that one I see for sure. 
So now my question is this:  since I was having these heart flutters before pregnancy, and they weren’t a concern then, and now they’ve gotten more frequent, is it still nothing to be concerned about because it’s the anemia escalating it?  Or is it something to be concerned about because it’s getting worse in general (ie is the anemia causing it)?
Last night I had sputters or something that felt like a hard heart beat. But my handy-dandy pulsox showed no elevation in rate. And then at about 2am I woke to a sharp pain in my chest and I was hotter then hell, but I stayed calm and breathed and passed back out…so it went away. Lol. I just don’t know….
So now I wait to her what the OB says. Maybe by phone, or maybe on the 17th at my next appointment. Till then I stay calm. 

Silver lining:  my sugar looks good which gives me hope for my glucose screening I have to do next week.