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Words from a Mother

Let’s start with the fun.  So this past weekend was the first weekend (in about 4 years), that Brian and I got to travel to see some haunted houses during season.  We drove to Michigan and went to Dark Legacy & Darksyde Acres.  And then on Sunday, on our way back, we went to Haunted Hydro.  Brian kept saying that we’re trying to take the baby through the most haunted houses before shes born, the most haunted house traveled fetus ever.  lol (So far we are up to 5)  We saw some good friends, and even some we weren’t expecting too.  All in all it was a really nice weekend with just the two of us.  Won’t be like that for long, so we’re soaking it up.

Now for the crappy.  I was sick the whole freaking time.  As I posted before, I woke up Friday with a stuffed nose and a sore throat.  After the hospital for my blood test, I went home in hopes of resting so that I could feel better when we left Saturday.  Yeah, didn’t happen.  Brian kept saying that we could stay home, but I was determined to go and have a fun weekend with him no matter what.  My nose ended up red and sore and irritated, I was putting chap-stick on it….lol.  And eventually I blew my nose so much it started bleeding.  That was gross – nothing like snot and blood.  So now it’s Monday, and I took the day off work to try to kick this things ass.

I went on the OB’s website on Friday night, and under the FAQ’s it listed medicines I could take.  So I went to the store and got Robitussin.  Though because I didn’t talk directly with the doctor, and I’m freaking paranoid about everything, I was only taking it sparingly (ie before bed).  I mean, I know that the baby has lazy days, and it’s normal to not feel movement for a couple days, but when you take drugs and then you don’t feel movement for a long time, it freaks you out…..or at least me.  (Side note:  She made up for not moving on Sunday by being a little squiggly worm all day).  So today, it’s just as bad as before, but now I’m coughing crap up.  Luckily the office is open and so I called.  I was told I can take the Robitussin as suggested, but since it’s been a few days with no changes, to try regular Sudafed.  So I just popped some of those, ate a yogurt, and now am crawling back into bed with Brian for a few more hours.  I have to go to work tomorrow, so I REALLY hope this helps.

Oh, and also, Brian was wonderful the whole time.  Not only making sure I was ok all the time, laughing at my whining (which was a lot as usual), but HE DROVE THE ENTIRE WEEKEND!!  Mr. Sleeps-withing-30-seconds-of-long-car-trips.  I thanked him when we got home, and he said he did it because the more opportunities I had to nap, the better I would feel.  He’s just so awesome sometimes.