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I just realized I forgot to post that I took my 3 hour test on Friday (aka Halloween). The drink was like syrup and the last 5oz kinda sucked to get down. But I did of course. The nurse handed me a bucket “just in case I threw up”, which really just made me more nervous that I would. She also said the first hour is the worse, and if I made it through that id be fine. Well I felt a little sick the fist hour but nothing major, and I made it through the whole thing. 3 hours and 4 pokes/blood draws. I think I will get the results on Monday. 

Fingers crossed that i passed. But even if I didn’t, it’s still something I can deal with. 
As for Halloween itself, it was just a normal day. Which for us is wierd. We didn’t decorate much. Hung some lights and a pumpkin. And then last minute brian decided to hook up a thunder & lightning box. But that was it. It was cold and raining, and only about half the amount of kids we normally get showed up. So now we have a lot of leftover candy. Lol. 
I’m excited for next year as our daughter will be 10 months. We can wear a costume and enjoy the holiday. I REALLY  can’t wait to start some family traditions.