A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

Feeling pregnant at least. I have officially reached the uncomfortable stage.  Getting in and out of the truck at work sucks, tying my shoes is a laborious task, sleeping at night is more like waking up every hour, and I feel like she’s really high-up in my rib cage. To me that mean she’s flipped and now her feet are kicking  everything above her. It makes it really difficult to breathe and be comfortable when I’m in a sitting position, but standing makes my feet and legs really hurt.  I’m not waddling yet, thank God, but I am sticking my belly out because it’s the only way I can get her away from crowding my ribs. I always thought pregnant women walked like that because their center of gravity was off, but now I’m thinking otherwise.

I don’t know how the women who are bigger than me deal with this for so long.  I’m even happier now that I’m as small as I am.

Six more weeks, just six more weeks.