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I am officially starting my 9th month (the end is in sight)!

Today at our 36 week appointment we learned that she has “assumed the position” and I am 1.5 cm dilated.  For those who don’t know, that means jack squat.  It just means that the baby and my body are doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing right now.  Everything checks out and we are still on schedule!

So now we start seeing the OB every week.  And our next appointment (on the 8th) is an ultrasound to check everything out.

What I can say is that this baby has been doing some major growing the past month or so.  Since November 17th my belly circumference has grown 4 inches!  And my weight gain in two weeks has gone up 5 lbs!  Thank god I don’t look it….it’s all belly (and better not be baby)!  LOL  So even though I’m not thrilled about the weight gain, I’m still under 20 lbs.  I can guarantee in the last month that will change, but I am honestly thrilled with how my body has handled this craziness of making another human.  And minus the pregnancy crap of being uncomfortable ALL THE TIME now, I do feel great.

So here’s to one more month!  HOLY CRAP!!