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Words from a Mother

The last couple days have been really bad in the sleep department. I’ve just been so uncomfortable that I just can’t sleep very well. Tuesday night I didn’t get to sleep till about 5am. Last night I was off and on from 2am to being now up at 8am. (I’m gonna try to get more here soon). 

I just called off for the rest of the week from work so you know it’s something. I really hoped I would last longer at work, but it’s just not happening. I woke up and my back and hips are killing me. Frankly it really hurts to walk right now….more then usual. 
We see the OB tomorrow. Hopefully at least there’s some progression so these past couple days weren’t for nothing. And maybe after a long weekend I can start fresh at work again on Monday…..or at least have a baby. I’ll take either. Lol
And lastly, here is the possible last pic of my baby belly (fingers crossed so hard that’s true). 

I look horrible, and my eyes are closed….but this also represents the “I’m so done” stage. Like more done then when I started saying I was done. Lol