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OBs again today. Healthwise everything checks out for me and baby. Got a cervical check again too. Her words were “that baby’s head is looooow.”  She said my bag of waters is pertruding out my cervix too. In fact she said “oh, I could break your water right now”. And of course my response was: “well let’s not do that here”. 

The sad news, though it doesn’t mean much, is that I’m still the same in the effacement and dilation department. 🙁
So now what?  First, I keep bouncing on my exercise ball.
We have another appointment for the 29th (which would be 3 days overdue). And we set up an induction for the 31st at 8am. Which will put us 5 days overdue. I pray she comes before then, as I really want this to happen on its own. And we can still change our minds, cancel the appointment and wait longer.  
My concern with induction is that the odds of c-section go up. But with a favorable cervix (like mine) those odds go down some. And the doctor also reminded us today that with first time moms, inductions can lead to longer labors too. But she said with my waters sitting how it is, she doesn’t see us needing the induction. I can only pray she is right (unlike the other doc who said we would have baby in our arms well over a week ago). Lol. 
I guess I wanted to set the appointment so that I have an end date in sight, whether we use it or not is still up in the air. And if I do end up with a c-section, as much as I don’t want it, I just want my baby to be here happy and healthy. And bonding and breastfeeding is still something that is done with moms who have c-sections. I really just need to stay calm and go with the flow. So that’s what we are doing.