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I’ve been so busy getting situated that I haven’t posted about the past few days, so lets do a catch up post:

  • First Bath:  Brian gave Kahlan her first bath at home on Wedsnesday the 28th.  And she does not like them.  Its probably being cold, who wouldn’t hate that.  lol

     And this is Nightmare saying “what the hell are you doing to that thing?  Make it stop!!!”

  • And speaking of Nightmare, he does not like the crying, but he’s warming up to her.  Gotten really close and smelled her too,  We know he still loves us because he still cuddles crazy close like at night.  So he will do just fine.
  • Breastfeeding has been going really well.  We had a few issues with the left side at first when my milk came in, but we worked through it, Brian encouraging and supporting the whole way.  He even holds her hands for me when shes being extra flaily.  (I know that’s not a word.)  And now we feed like a champ, and are pretty much on a schedule even.  I feels pretty awesome and it’s completely amazing what the body can do.
  • She had her first doctor visit on Thursday the 29th.  Everything checks out great.  And she even gained back 2oz!  So she was born 7lbs11oz, left the hospital 7lbs1oz and is now 7lbs3oz.  We go back in a week for another weight check.
  • I want to make note of my hormones.  That’s probably been the hardest part in my recovery.  I broke down one night at the hospital, the whole, did we make the right choice stuff.  I broke down and cried myself to sleep the first (or second, can’t remember) night at home, thinking can I really do this.  I think exhaustion helped in that one.  And then at the pediatric’s office I cried again.  I felt so out of it.  It was the first day out of the house. We were late to the appointment because she had to feed right before we left and Google had their address wrong.  When putting my car into park, I bumped into the car in front of us.  I was filling out paperwork, and the nurse was asking questions.  I just got so flustered that I started crying.  I can’t wait for my hormones to go somewhat back to normal, I hate this feeling of wanting to cry for no reason a lot.  At least I know it’s not depression, I’ve never felt happier.  And as a parent I really do feel successful so far.
  • Another big thing this week is Kahlan has started sleeping on her own in her crib at night.  She used to only be able to sleep on Brian or me.  And frankly I was worried about when Brian went back to work, and how would I be able to handle it and actually get sleep and other things done.  But now that she is sleeping in her crib (2 nights in a row now), I feel much better aout it.  And also, I have to remember that things just don’t need to get done sometimes, and just enjoy this time with her because it won’t last forever.  And so I’m really taking that mentality as much as I can with things.  And so far things seem to be working out well on their own.
  • And lastly, I almost forgot I took this video (CLICK LINK BELOW).  This is Brian in the hospital on our second night keeping Kahlan calm.  She loves movement, she likes when you walk and bounce and it keeps her calm.  But your back and legs only last so long.  So Brian figured out that this worked too.  Oh, he’s such an amazing dad already.