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We went to our first breast-feeding support group and tripoint today, and I’m really glad we did. As I was feeding Kahlan this morning I kept thinking maybe we won’t go, I rather trying take a nap on the couch. But eventually I talked myself into it and I’m glad I did. There was probably 15 girls there, with babies ranging in age from just a few days old to 10 months. So there’s quite a few that are really close to Kahlans age, and I really know we can make some friends there.  They all seem grounded and fun like me.  They even have their own Facebook group where they make playdates together on.  Tomorrow is the hospital’s playdate group that they do on Thursdays, with the success of this group I’m definitely going tomorrow.

Oh and according to the hospitals scale (which may be set different then the Peds), Kahlan weighs 11lbs 8oz. 😬

Then when we got home we did some tummy time.  She’s been dealing with it better now in the sense that she lasts a minute or two instead of immediately crying, but she hasn’t really held her head up much. She usually tries, then lays her face in the ground and then cries. But today she held it up!!  
I’m so proud and happy!  We still only lasted for a couple minutes, but at least I know forcing her to faceplant and cry is paying off.