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Words from a Mother

So this past week Brian was in St. Louis for Transworld and it was just Kahlan and me.  We started the week out good, went to our support group, ran erands, etc.  We generally enjoyed our days together.  But by Thursday night I was starting to get really frustrated, mostly at night during Kahlan’s fussy time. You see, pretty much every night between 4-6pm, Kahlan starts to get really fussy.  Not inconsolable, just really fussy, and it lasts till she goes to bed.

So Kahlan and I went and spent the weekend with the grandmas in Lakewood.  I was planning on going over Saturday, but I went over a day earlier because I was really just in need of a hand-off.  And boy am I glad I did.  Not only was it a relaxing weekend, but it was nice having people there helping me.  And MOST importantly, without really knowing it, they helped me sort of discern her cries.

A lot of things I was reading about a month ago, said that I should be able to start learning her cries.  Well that’s BS, because I had no clue what any cry meant except for when she got really pissed off.  That one I knew for sure.  But by going over there for a couple days, I was able to observe how she cried with people she didn’t know while I just took a step back.  And I was able to just figure her out a bit more.  I don’t really know how it happened, but it did.  And in the end you know what that means?  I am waking up today with more confidence as a mother, and more energy knowing I can somewhat read her better.  The real sign will be how well am I doing by the end of the week, but I honestly feel really good this morning.

Also, a photo I was sent this past week….he’s adorable.