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Words from a Mother

So we really are able to see a difference in Kahlans head movement. She’s really able to look left for A LOT longer now. And her head control has gotten really good. We still are not the most successful at tummy time….but today she lasted a good 7 minutes on her tummy. A HUGE improvement. 

The hardest part of doing the exercises is her crying. She is getting better with the “ear to shoulder” exercise. Your the “chin to shoulder” she wants nothing to do with. It’s really hard to get through and makes doing the exercises 55 times a day really difficult. And unfortunately I’m still only getting them in 3-4 times. But something is better then nothing. 
And now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m starting to prepare by making these:

She is enthralled by them. They’re mostly used for crawling babies to protect their knees.  But it’s also a cute way to wear “pants” and stay cool. Or if it’s too cold for a dress they can go under to keep her legs warm. Now to just find more plain colored socks for cheap.