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Words from a Mother

I love my baby girl. I truly love her so much. But I’m starting to notice that I’m feeling “touched out”. Almost all of yesterday I was in a bad mood. I was pretty much stuck at home again with Kahlan because it’s too cold out and brian has had things he had to do.  I’m not angry, but I’m starting to feel off. Which of course makes me feel horrible, but at the same time it’s a real feeling that a lot of people have. 

I think I need to find a hobby or something that I can do in the evenings once Kahlan goes to bed, something that I can spend 30 minutes on for my sanity. Or a hobby that I can go by myself to do once a month for a bit. 
Oh yeah, that’s right, she won’t take a bottle so I can’t do that. I love our nursing relationship, and I’m not giving up at all, but I just really need her to take a bottle so I can get a break. 
Just kinda really feeling this lately. Maybe once the weather breaks in July I’ll start to feel better.