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Words from a Mother

So today I had to have dental work done. A wisdom tooth extracted and a filling fixed. I hate the dentist. I have such anxiety about the dentist it’s been almost 12 years since I’ve been there. But I don’t want Kahlan to have the same aversion I do, so I wanted to work on getting over my fear. That and the pain was finally enough for me. 

So my anxiety started last night after Kahlan went to bed. And I went to the dentist feeling much better then I have in the past. Which I attribute to being distracted by Kahlan. 
But the whole procedure went so well and the dentist was so kind I am so surprised at how well I did. And when I had my couple moments of serious fear, I took deep breaths and thought of Kahlan. And the fear and heartache just lifted. 
She was my reason for going in and she was the reason I came out feeling so much better about the dentist. I mean, the man is skilled and really did an amazing job, so that helped too.