A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

First and foremost, we have graduated to once a month for physical therapy. She’s doing really well, sitting straight….actually kind of sitting. So what we’re really going to work on now is strengthening the right side of her neck and making sure her hips stay flexible as babies with torticollis can get stiff in the back. Or something like that, I can’t remember exactly what she said.  So good news on that front.

I was also having a moment tonight while feeding Kahlan before bed. There is this new thing she does and I absolutely adore it. She plays with my face when she feeds. I sit there and I close my eyes and I try and engrain that feeling in my memory. It’s just amazing.

And she also really likes the necklace that I wear, and plays with it every chance she gets, even when feeding before bed.

And I also love how amazing she is in general. I mean some nights I change her, feed her, she passes out, I put her in the crib and we’re done till 8am the next day. Other nights after she feeds she’s not quite asleep yet, like tonight. And All I had to do was tell her I love her, say goodnight, leave the room and after about 15 minutes of playing with her crib toys she was asleep. I couldn’t ask for a better baby. She truly is amazing and I am just so blessed (and frankly lucky).

P.S. Another awesome thing is when she’s not quite asleep after feeding. I then sing to her. And she smiles every time I start to sing. I nearly cry. Ugh, how is she mine?! I just…..ugh….LOVE.