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Words from a Mother

I keep forgetting to update! I tell myself to do it, and then I forget and go to sleep. So let’s do a little update on the few things that have happened in the past couple days and hope I don’t forget anything.

We’ve continue trying food, and we keep getting the same reaction. But Brian keeps reminding me that it’s a new experience and eventually she’ll like it.  And last night we found a food she doesn’t hate, cucumbers!

We tried our hand at a straw cup, and did really well the first time. We havent done well since then, but it’s a work in progress.  Fingers crossed that this can serve as her new bottle soon.
We also learned to stand up! She’s not pulling up on anything to stand on her own, but if you give her hands just a little extra tug to let her know you’re there, she stands up!  Brian and I are thinking that’s why she arches her back so much, because she’s trying to stand up. It seems like that if you watch her doing it. I’m starting to think she might walk before she crawls.  Lol
We’ve also gotten this whole sitting thing down I think. There’s a couple times were she may lean a little too far, but for the most part she’s doing it!
And at story time this week not only did we finally try to reach for bubbles, but we had our first interaction with another baby! Now of course she seen other babies and has “interacted” with them, which is pretty much just watching them, but this time there was physical contact. Juliet (11 months) crawled over to Kahlan and Kahlan reached out for her face. They started touching each other’s hands and faces and they were both laughing up a storm. It was absolutely adorable!

And lastly we have decided to enter the world of cloth diapers. I purchased a stash and we’re wearing our first one this morning. Hopefully it will be easy, I think my routine should work just fine. And if I can do it, it would save us like $3000! Because she can wear these diapers until she potties trains because they adjust and size! It’s pretty awesome. 

I think that’s everything. It’s been a big couple days in the development stage.