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Kahlan’s Stats

Weight:  16lbs. 2oz.
Height:  28in  (98.8%!!!!!)
Head:  42.5cm
Everything is looking good.  The doc isn’t worried at all about Kahlan’s weight.  So I really need to stop worrying.  Maybe I should just stop weighing her weekly?  I think I should just now focus on getting her to like solid foods, as that can help increase and/or stabilize her weight.
And then the conversation turned to her head and the need for a helmet.  The doc said at this point it is cosmetic only.  She is hitting her milestones just fine (even said she was sitting like a 9 month old), so it’s not hurting her developmentally.  I’m leaning towards getting it.  I’m so afraid of something in the future happening, that getting a helmet could have fixed.  I’m talking to some and they are saying certain hairdos can hurt, sleeping can hurt, and really who truly knows what she will look like with hair in the future.  I think I would hate myself if I could have done something but didn’t.  If we get a helmet the worse thing could be that it does nothing for her, besides bug the crap out of her, and make me feel horrible and embarassed.  Brian and I are going to talk this weekend together and make a decision.
But all in all she is progressing wonderfully.  Even barely cried after her shots, the power of the boob I tell ya.