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So it’s been a couple days (I’m so bad at this sometimes) but Kahlan was finally able to meet her cousins Ben and Robbie from New Hamphire. They had come in for their vacation and luckily we were able to meet up (thanks Uncle Mike!)

They came to the house and had a blast building towers out of blocks so that Kahlan could knock them down. 
And then after some lunch we went to the park. Ben pushed Kahlan in the swing. 
They tried skipping stones in the river
We took some cute photos to memorialize the day. 

And then topped the day off with ice cream. Can’t really go wrong with that. 

They boys were so cute with her. Trying to get hugs and for her to hold their hands. Ben especially. He kept saying how adorable she was, how soft she was and how much he loved her. It was freaking adorable.