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Words from a Mother

So far Kahlan has been doing exceptionally well with the helmet. Not saying we haven’t had our issues.  Especially the first two days. Lots of crying and fussing at first, but now she seems to be doing good. 

Tonight is the first night that she is sleeping in the helmet. We’re going on 2 hours now. I’m REALLY hoping she lasts the night and it doesn’t upset that at all.  She’s such a good sleeper. 

My biggest concern is her overheating. She’s only wearing PJs and her fan is on high. Her head just gets so hot and sweaty. They say their bodies will adjust. And next Wednesday we can get holes put in the helmet for more air flow. I kinda want cooler weather to start sooner for her. So I’m sure I will be checking on her tonight multiple times. 
MORNING UPDATE:  she woke up at 2:30am. I nursed her and she slept till 8:30. She is so amazing. Oh, and her head wasn’t that hot this morning.