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Words from a Mother

So yesterday kahlan had such a runny/stuffy nose. She kept dropping and blowing bubbles, sneezes galore. And she slept horribly. Up every half hour or so from 8:30-12. Then up till 3 when I finally gave in and brought her to bed with me. She then slept till 8 this morning. 

All day again, stuffy and runny. We skipped our swim lesson this morning so as not to spread the wealth. But she wasn’t upset by her sickness today at least. She even helped brian put up her jail walls. 
But then this afternoon she got a little crabby and that’s when I realized she had a fever. Not too bad, but still 100.8. Poor baby. 🙁
So off came the helmet and in went the Tylenol. 

After a nap and some relaxing she seems to be doing better. Especially after brian gave her a special smelling bath to help her nose. (And the saline we squeezed up the nose probably helped too).  She was breathing well when she went down, and she’s been out for 2 hours now. Fingers crossed we are on the mend and it was short lived.