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Words from a Mother

First let’s start with the bad. Last night Kahlan and I had the night from hell. I put her in her crib around 9:30. She woke at 10:15, 11:15, 1:15 and then wouldn’t go back down. Why?  Because she was so congested she couldn’t breathe. She was coughing so horribly she sounded like a duck. So I took her to the bathroom and steamed it up, then sucked her nose, refilled the humidifier so I could crank it, nursed her and she went back down about 4:30. That’s when brian got home and took over so I could get some sleep. This was also when I started googling what could be wrong, as in do I need to worry. I woke up at 8am to relieve brian. She nursed and ate breakfast (she only wanted oranges, but when you’re sick you get what you want). Then she coughed, threw everything up, nursed again and stayed attached to me in some way till about noon. No fever when I checked at 9:30 and noon. 

Got her appointment at 3:30, fever of 100.2 and a confirmation of croup. 

Luckily her oxygen is at 100%, so they don’t want to give steroids. Unluckily that means there’s nothing to do but make her comfy and ride it out. About 4-5 days. If it gets worse we go back. Ugh, who needs sleep anyways. 
But then comes the good news. We are done with the helmet. That’s right we have GRADUATED!!!  
Basically her numbers all fall in the normal range and she had very little growth this past month. So they adjusted the helmet and made an appointment for a month from now and told us it is up to us if we want to continue. With Kahlan being sick, the helmet screwing her sleep these past three months (at least I hope it’s the helmet), and her numbers being in the range we are happy with brian and I decided to stop with the helmet. 
So her numbers:
Her cephalic ratio started at 95% and ended at 89%
Her cranial vault asymmetry started at 17.5mm and ended at 4.82mm
Her skull base asymmetry started at 6.35mm and ended at 1.32mm
Her orbiotragial asymmetry started at 7.87mm and ended at 1.31mm
The yellow is her first scan from September, the grayish/red area is her head today. 
What does it all mean?  That she falls within average numbers for everything. And now she will continue to grow and she may even correct more on her own over time. 
It has been a very long and trying three months. And I am so ready to catch up on all the missing head kisses and snuggles. I also will not miss the head butts and numb arms when nursing. It sucked, but it was so worth it and her head looks amazing.