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Words from a Mother

So Kahlan fed at 3:30pm yesterday. Then ate dinner with us. At 7:30 she asked to nurse again. She latched a couple times, kept gagging and then threw up. She refused to latch again after that. 

So after lots of steaming and nose sucking and comforting she went I bakery. But for the longest time she wouldn’t sleep off of me. Every time I put her down she woke up and cried. I tried taking her to bed with me, and soon as she hit the mattress she got up and crawled on top of me. So sad. 
Finally around 1am I was able to put her down, pump some milk as she STILL hadn’t nursed, took a really quick shower as it had been two days and then I made a bed on the floor in her room. 
Bonus to this story is she slept until 8am. So fingers crossed that’s a sign of good sleeping to come. 
Anywho, once awake she still refused to nurse. I had to spoon feed and straw feed her milk. I got about 2.5oz in her this morning and a couple sips of water. She just kept rescuing everything. 
Then finally she came over to my lap and signed for milk. She tried latching and it wasn’t working. So I curled her up in my lap and we tried again…..and she latched!!!  
After nursing that Side I tried to switch her to the other, but she gagged and threw up a little bit. So we stopped I think her tummy is really upset from all the mucus. But at least we got a something in!  
That was the longest 20 hours ever. I was in tears this morning. I never want that to happen again. So here’s hoping it was a short lived strike and we are on the mend. 
UPDATE:  well, she went back to refusing for about 6 more hours. So I went back to straw feeding. After a call into the doc, we got a script. She’s breathing so much better and nursing really well now.