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I love our Santa and Christmas pics!!!  They turned out so adorable!

When we walked into the shoot Santa asked how she was with strangers. I said “pretty good, maybe 3-4 people she’s reacted to”.  She was being held by brian a few feet away from Santa, and she starts to wimper. Santa looked at me and said “make that 5”.  Lol
It’s sad yet funny, I just laughed. And even though she was crying they were so good with her. They even let me calm her down after so we could take more shots. 
Santa snuck out and we put her in the chair. Once she was settled Santa snuck back in behind her to get a few secret shots (hence the “ssshhhhh” photo) which I LOVED!!

But she sensed he was there, which gave a really adorable picture…..

….right before she fell apart again. 

They all are so cute, and even though we spent some money they are so worth it for her first Christmas. The Santa looked amazing, was so great with her and we didn’t have to wait in line at the mall. Major bonus points.  Now to remember it for the future.