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Words from a Mother

Phew. These last two days have been a doozy. First let’s start with the fun bits. After lots of hard work and planning we had Kahlan’s 1st birthday party on Saturday. Around 55 people (phew) came to wish her a happy birthday. We asked for books with inscriptions in the front for her gifts, as she has way too many toys to begin with. And I am so glad I did. Not only has her library increased A LOT, but reading the inscriptions with her is actually really cool.

There was lots of friends and lots of playing.

She loved showing off her tutu.

She was even quite clean with her smash cake I made. Boy was I proud of that one.

And the whole time she only got upset during gifts when we basically showed her something and then took it away. So that’s pretty normal. The rest of the time she just observed and enjoyed herself. 

The best was when she took a 2 hour nap in the truck while grandpa watched over. We were able to set up and I didn’t have to worry about her in general, or have a kid on my leg the whole time. Lol. That was amazing. 
All in all it was a fabulous party. It was exactly what I wanted for her. Now in the future parties will never be that big again. Small family dinners and then a party for a few friends. But you only turn 1 once!!

Then on Sunday the hard work took over my body. That and a 24 hour stomach bug. I was puking, as well as other things. Which turned into pain in the neck & head. Which lead to shivering from chills and a fever of 101.2. I couldn’t even stand to help coax Kahlan to sleep in her crib. So we co-slept. It was……uncomfortable. 

But then Brian came home and helped put her to bed and I got to sleep. It’s also like she knew I was sick because she slept nearly all night long!  Thank god. I felt amazingly better in the morning. 
Now to do all the dishes and laundry and living room cleanup. I let her run wild while I was sick. And instead of cleaning up I just pushed things around to make a path. I just couldn’t deal with it. 
So we are taking it easy today.  We were just sitting together reading one of her books. And we came to a page of different foods. I said “food”.  And she signed what I thought was her sign for food but wasn’t sure. So I repeated & signed “food”. She did it again, pushed herself off of me and walked to her Highchair. I said/signed “food” again. She signed it again!!!  So now we are officially signing food. Now once she uses it to ask for something I know she will really have it. Until then we are now snacking on green beans. 
And then came her one year checkup. 5 shots!  Phew. I know it’s necessary, but man that sucked. She definitely cried this time. But after a minute or two on the boob she calmed down. Other then that she is doing good. The doc isn’t thrilled with her weight, but he says he’s not worried either. Just wants to watch her for the next three months and see what happens. She currently weighs 17lbs 12oz., only up 8oz from her 9 month checkup. At 1 year they should triple their weight, which would be around 23lbs. So now we work on getting her to eat more solids and fatten her up. Lol. Or at least make sure she stays a healthy weight.