A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

First, Kahlan is sick. She’s been throwing up a lot (and on me), plus disagrees and not eating anything. It basically sucks. I hate that she’s sick, but at least she mostly acts normal. And I pray she is better in a week when I have to go away for three days. Eek!!

She also knows 10 signs now!!!  She’s picking them up really quickly too.  She knows:  milk, more, all done, food, book, ball, chicken, help, dog & wash hands. I get so excited when she really gets one down. Makes me a proud mama. Now if only she would actually talk. I swear she said “hi” today, but it only happened once. 
And were actually learning how to wash our hands. We have a stepstool in the bathroom that she can climb on. She actually really enjoys doing it, probably too much. I’m starting to have to keep her away from the sink.