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Words from a Mother

Phew, so we just got back from 10 days away from home. Mama is tired. But it was so fun!  I was hoping to post as we went threw the week, but I just didn’t have time. So here is a recap of our trip. 

We left early Saturday morning and drove down to near statesville, NC. 
Slept overnight and then hit the road again to arrive at the flordia condo Sunday night in Kissimmee. 

We learned that she liked to not only help push things (like the cart or her stroller), but that she liked to ride them too. In the future this would bite us in the ass as every time she saw a luggage cart she tried to ride it. 
Monday we did a little shopping at an outlet mall, drove through Celebration and admired the houses for sale, and ended our day with a walk and dinner through Downtown Disney (aka Disney Springs now). 
She was full of energy that night so I was able to catch this beauty. 
Tuesday we tried going swimming but didn’t last long. The water was just too cold. 
So we did some more shopping and got some new kicks. The nice lady at the Disney store gave her stickers. She was so excited. She kept shaking them, then she’d stop walking and bend over laughing. Over and over. She loved those stickers. Then we went back to Celebration and stopped at one of the parks. We brought out the sand buckets and she played in the sand for an hour!!!  Just shoveling sand into the bucket and dumping it out. I can’t believe how long she played in it. I kept a little in a bag to make a souvenir.  I’m wierd like that, but I always had sand from my trips from flordia. In fact I still have some bottles of sand on my dresser. 
Then for dinner we went to a lobster feast. I mean you walk in and everyone is wearing a bib, it’s that kind of place. Kahlan didn’t partake of eating any lobster, but she did enjoy playing with them. I let her play with some legs and claws. And then we let her poke a full one. She was amused at least. 

Wednesday we went to Bok Tower. It’s a national historic landmark and features beautiful gardens and a carillon bell tower. Kahlan met a friendly squirrel and shared a sneak of Oreos. And then we decided it was too friendly and I had to chase it off. But she loved waving at all the other guests and feeding the giant koy fish. Every time one came to the surface to eat a pebble of food she would giggle. 

Thursday Brian flew down to spend the last few days with us. And we went to the Magic Kingdom. That was the one thing brian wanted to do. To take her there. It was expensive but fun. And I just love to see him want to do things like that for her and to see them playing together. It makes my heart happy. 
Friday we had a more leisurely day. We drove around and showed brian some flordia things since it was only his second time there. Then we stopped at “Ripleys Believe it or not” and took a tour. Then brian and I went to an escape room for some fun on our own. 

Saturday morning we left early back to statesville area. And then Today we got home. Much earlier then I was anticipating actually. She was able to play for a bit, we ate dinner, gave her a bath and then bed. I was even able to do some dishes and unpack a little. 
All in all it was a long and tiring trip. But a really fun one. It was great to see her exploring new things and just being somewhere different with her. We got to co-sleep the whole time, so extra cuddles galore. We just got to do fun things together in the warmth, away from cold Ohio. And I know that she will not remember anything from the trip.  But I will. It is a new lasting memory for me.