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Words from a Mother

I was going to take Kahlan out to breakfast yesterday, but she slept in. And frankly I’ll take sleep over pancakes any day. 

But I still didn’t want to make breakfast. So we loaded up in our pjs and picked up some McDonald’s breakfast. Not the best, but it sufficed. 
We tried out our bike trailer.  It’s been a while since I was on a bike, I was like 4 months pregnant. I am no longer in shape, and it will be a while before I can do 15 miles, but every bit counts. And Kahlan had fun. 
We also took kahlans or her first hibachi. I was kinda nervous shed freak at the fire and that there would be nothing for her to eat. Well I was wrong. She reacted to the fire and kinda looked like she was going to freak, but I started cheering and clapping and she settled back. She just stared, she was in total awe of him cooking. 
And as for food. She ate some white rice, abut of chicken, a taste of shrimp and a CRAP TON of zucchini. I think I got 3 pieces. She seems to really like oriental food. The last time we had Chinese she devoured 2 wonton noodles. Lol
It was nothing like my birthdays used to be, with friends and drinking.  But it was still a fun day that I got to spend with my two favorite people. I couldn’t have asked for more.