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Words from a Mother

Well, the weight is still not going on. Here’s the stats. 

Head:  45cm
Height:  32in
Weight: 18lb 8oz

She gained 3/4lb in 3 months. Of course she grew 1.5 inches so all that nutrient stuff is going somewhere. Lol

The doc is again not concerned, but also doesn’t seem happy about it either. We just keep watching I guess. With her height going strong, at least she is still growing. So I think that’s why he’s not concerned. If everything stopped moving then I think he’d be more concerned. 
So we just keep feeding and doing like normal. I need to get better at actually giving her snacks and finding better things to give her for snacks. I feel so lost sometimes when it comes to mealtimes. Frankly I feel so lost a lot of the time when it comes to Kahlan in general. I sometimes feel like I’m not doing enough, but I just never know what to do. Be it food or education or, I don’t know. Anything and everything. Parenting is so freaking hard. Lol
So now to look at bigger and better things for snacks. And he said we should be giving her milk or a milk substitute at least once a day. I hadn’t because she was vomiting for a while there. But since controlling her dairy intake she’s hasn’t vomited again. She can have dairy, just only so much dairy. And he said that it is a common thing. I kinda knew that with research, and it’s something they usually grow out of too. So milk and snacks. Milk and snacks…..And meals. I always feel like I could be doing better with her meals too. Breakfast is good. But lunch is seriously lacking and dinner is probably good 70% of the time. I could be wrong, but that’s how I feel at least. I’m always so afraid to screw something up that effects her for the rest of her life. Ok, stop typing Diana. Do what you got to do and work on it, that’s all that can be done. 

And no I haven’t changed her yet because it’s hilarious and I really don’t care.