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I forgot to post yesterday that Kahlan was in her first parade at the Kirtland Strawberry Festival. We rode with Regal Vineyards. 

Oh boy. First, she doesn’t like Gore Galores costumes. She didn’t freak but she definitely backed up and reached for me whimpering a tad. But people in costumes and makeup are no big deal. 

She LOVED waving at everyone!  I mean loved it!  It may have been because I told her everyone was there to wave at her. It got her waving!  
Then after the parade we joined Katie and her girls (aka Kahlans new besties) for some shortcake and fun in the grass. 

Today we played at her first splash park. It took a little warming up to it, but eventually she got into it and had a blast. 

And now I sit here in the bedroom. Kahlan has had her milk for the night and it’s only 8:30. So she wants to read as its not bedtime quite yet. And so I called in dad and he is currently reading and will put her down for bed for the first time in I don’t know when. When she first came home maybe?  She’s always nursed and then gone to bed. Now she likes to cuddle before bed. But either way, this is new. She’s growing up way too fast