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Words from a Mother

So for the past few months Kahlan’s naps have been horrible. If she wasn’t in the car, she was not napping. I mean I had like a 50/50 chance she would nap like usual at home. But it always ended sooner then it used to, and she flipped everywhere. 

I tried a change of location, aka our bedroom, in hopes of no toys and a place to lay down together. Still no napping. It was making me increasingly frustrated, and I just couldn’t believe she had reached the end of taking naps already. 

Then this week I have had to come to terms with the fact that she will no longer nap on me.  (Que the tears.) This past week at 3pm, a new schedule I’m going to try to keep when at home, we’ve gone to her room, nursed and put her in her crib. She whines a little, but goes out after a few lines from a song and naps for nearly 2 hours. I guess she just needed her own space to sleep. So that sucks. 
At the same time I am finding it nice to get an hour or two a day to myself to clean or prep food without her climbing on me.  And during daylight hours too! It makes me wonder, if I would have done this from the beginning, would it have made my PPD easier?  And then I decide that I wouldn’t have given up the side by side naps for anything in the world.