A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So tonight you asked for mama milk before bed, which turned into you nursing to sleep. You haven’t done that in a long time and I feel that this was one of the last times it will ever happen. I want to ingrain this moment into my head.

You leaning into me, no pillow as you’re just too tall now, into my right side. Wearing your pink monkey PJs right after the bath your dad gave you, so you had wet hair. You smell of your lavender body lotion. The music is playing softly with only your book light on. I sing to you our songs as your breath gets heavier. Your right hand holds onto your nourishment as you look at me with your heavy eyelids. Slowly they start to drop. And then when I’m done with our songs I just rock you in silence. Your eyes close and I feel you relax in my arms. I would stay like this forever if I could.

I wait a bit to cherish the silence and your beauty. Then I slowly stand, your eyes flutter, and put you in bed. You roll to your right side and close your eyes. I turn off your book light and kiss your temple. Good night, my love.