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Words from a Mother

Well the first thing to talk about is your health. You woke up this morning with the same cough you’ve had for a few days, but by the time we got to you grandpa Scott’s you started coughing constantly and ended up vomiting in their couch. Once we left you started to do much better and although your nose was a faucet and the coughing continued, you ended up having a wonderful Christmas.

It started at home with gifts from us and Santa. The gecko was a huge hit and by the end of the day you had named him George.

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Your cousins picked out your gift based on when they were in town for thanksgiving and you kept playing doctor with them.

A few more fun gifts and then we got ready for the day.

Other then throwing up, you had a fun time with the family at grandpa Scott’s. They got you some really cute gifts and a lot of princess dresses. So much that you had to wear one immediately.

Then it was off to grandma rose and grandma Ginny’s. I unfortunately was so busy opening things with you I didn’t really get any pictures. Hopefully Aunt charity will send me some that she took and I can upload them later. You got so many dress up clothes from charity and mike. You dropped glitter everywhere you went. You thoroughly enjoyed your mermaid pillow and giant snow globe.

I hope you feel you had a fun Christmas. Tomorrow we will be off to the store to get you more medicine and some new organizational items to help keep all of your dress up clothes in better order.

Merry Christmas, my love.