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Words from a Mother

Well it was yesterday, but I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still today for me.

Last night I decorated your room with balloons and a wooden birthday cake. When you called me in this morning the first thing you exclaimed was “I’m 3!”. Then you proceeded to thank me for your cake and talk about how the balloons fell from the sky. Lol

We had a few rough moments this morning with accidents but we turned it around and went and played at Kiddie Jungle for a few hours. You love the bird there named Kiwi and had a great time playing and meeting people. You always love meeting people and talking to them. No fear of strangers and you are just so personable. You also have amazing manners the majority of the time. Always asking kindly for things and saying please. It’s wonderful to hear and so amazing to watch.

Then we went to grandma rose and grandma Ginny’s house for our usual Thursday night dinner where we dined on fish sticks and Mac & cheese. But more importantly, cupcakes. You could not stop asking about having a cupcake. And when it came time you knew exactly what to do. You told us to sing to you and then you blew out the candle. And devoured it. Well half of the frosting at least. But you can’t expect you to eat the cake when you have so much amazing frosting to eat.

I hope your birthday was fun. I know it was simple but I hope it was fun. Saturday will be even better for your birthday party. I’ve worked on it a lot and just got done baking over 50 cupcakes to decorate tomorrow, so it better be. I know your excited for it.

I’m sorry your dad wasn’t home for your birthday but he’s on his way and should be home in the next few hours. He had a class that he had to take to continue to develop the company and it was the only time this year the class was scheduled. I know he’s sad he missed it and he wishes he was gone. But tomorrow will make up for it and he will be so happy to see you.

I guess I can briefly touch on our trip to the water park for your birthday last weekend. You really enjoyed swimming and are totally comfortable in the water. I think we need lessons soon. You loved the water slide and the warm water of the hot tub. But really you just loved swimming as you kept asking to go back to the pool every time we had to go away from it. We also went to a fun little children’s museum for some hands on play time and took a few runs on a giant carousel. It was a wonderful weekend that helped us connect as a family as sometimes we miss that.

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And now for some lovey-dovey parts. I love you. You are my world and my everything. I cannot imagine a world without you. I am tired when I wake but I’m always happy to see your face. I may get angry or yell and in turn feel like the worst mom in the world, but even then you are my love. Always my love. You push buttons and test limits, but I love you for it. You are kind and gentle. You genuinely care about people and their feelings and ask how people feel all the time. You are so emphatic. Your personality is like a beacon. Your funny and silly and smart and beautiful. You want your independence but often ask to be carried or for help. Your hair is so long and so curly I never want to cut it. I am so happy and proud to call you my daughter. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. You give me purpose and make me smile. You make me happy. I love you, my love. Happy Birthday!