A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

Oh baby girl, I don’t even know how to explain the crazy and the awesome all combined into one. You are so fun and excited and happy all the time. You’re so full of energy. You love to imagine and play and make believe. You’re always telling stories. I’m just in aw of you.

You love to cuddle and snuggle. You LOVE to be naked. You have no fear of strangers which is amazing and scary all at once. You love people and to talk to people. Everyone you meet is “your friend” even if you’ve just met them.

You love to help do things and watch how things are done. You love to climb on the table and counters no matter how many times I say no. You have a love hate relationship with bugs. You love ladybugs and ants and bees and they’re “so cute”, but 10 seconds later you scream and run because you’re scared of them.

You love turtles and frogs. Your obsessed with teeth and the dentist. Like seriously sitting on my chest at my dentist appointment watching him look into my mouth. It was amazing. You love to read books about teeth too. You just love books really. Every night we read a couple books and it can be the same one you have read 30 times, it’s still brand new to you.

You speak so amazingly and eloquently. So many people think you are in kindergarten or starting next year. I remember we went from the concern of you never talking, to now being the one kid that everyone can understand. Except your grandmas, but that’s on their hearing abilities. Lol

You love dance class with Ms Kelly, you always have so much fun and are always so excited to show me your sticker and new dance moves. You love gymnastics too, though you don’t always participate or do as you’re told. (I think it’s because I’m in the class with you.) You walk the balance beam alone, you jump and catch the bar on your own, and now you’re making big jumps and trying to stay on your feet. This summer will be hard on break from them.

I guess I just wanted to write a little something to remember where we are today in the future. I love you with all my heart. Or as you would say “I love you mama, all in my heart.”