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Words from a Mother

Well it started Saturday morning when you woke up at Grandma Marlene’s, drank some apple juice and threw up. By the time I came to get you you had a low grade fever starting and weren’t really eating, but we’re normal again otherwise.

So we came home to relax and get you better. Sunday was back to normal. No fever, eating normal, with your “tummy hurting” so much lately your Grandma Rose was thinking a GI issue so I planned to call the doctor Monday.

And then Monday morning it happened. You started coughing constantly, like all the time with a low fever again. Not eating much but acting normal. So we went to the library and you were ok, just coughing. But by the time 3pm rolled around the cough was worse and your breathing was getting harder. So thinking your allergies were acting up we did a breathing treatment that helped a little, but an hour later you were back at it again. So another treatment and it did nothing. I called the doctor to get advice and we just kept watching.[wpvideo eQ6GPhYg ]

Bath kinda helped but not much, so my plan was to basically be up all night watching you hit it didn’t take long.

By 9:30 your chest was concaving and you couldn’t breathe. A treatment did nothing and I couldn’t watch any longer, so off the the ER we went. [wpvideo JwfIsa07 ]

Two special breathing treatments and a steroid, you were breathing clear and not coughing. We got home about 3am and you have been good since. A few coughs here and there, your tiny voice a little scratchy from all the coughing, but all in all doing better.

[wpvideo CjSkw5DZ ]

So let’s never do that again, ok?