A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

All in my heart: with all of my heart

Gy-na: vagina

Smile-ies: Smarties

Always adding a “y” to naming stuffed animals. Aka Turtley, ladybuggy, etc

Adding -ded now to past tense sentences. “I wash-ded the dishes” “I draw-ded that”

  • M-lissa: Melissa (you were calling my friend elissa, so I told you “Mmmmmlissa, add an M”
  • “Mushrooms have monster teeth in them”
  • You have a thing for having us ask “who are you?” And then you explain you name and what you do. Like just now “I’m a scooter girl, and I ride my scooter really fast”.
  • You like us to introduce you before you perform and we have to say “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, now presenting kahlan the xxxxx”. If we don’t use that exactly we have to start over.