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So you have been asking for quite a while to go ice skating. I found an open skate advertised and we were able to make it happen. You were so excited too. As we were walking in you kept saying “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe we’re going ice skating!”

Now of course I wish my knees were better, as I so desperately wanted to be out there with you. I hate not being able to do things like this with you. It hurts my heart a little.

Either way, you and your dad tried it together for the first time. He had never been skating before and ended up doing pretty good. His feet hurt a lot, but he survived.

And you! Omg you did amazing. You went around the rink twice with daddy. Then the third time you got on the ice and before your dad could even get started you took off on your own. And you went so quick. Lol

I told him to just stay to the side and watch. You just kept going around and around. At one point dad and I were standing together watching you and the next thing I know you let go of your walker and take off. Now you only got like 4-5 steps before you fell on your butt. But you were so excited to try. Your daddy went and helped you up and brought you to me where we took a break. But not long after you were back out on the ice again.

It was sad to not be out there with you, but I had so much fun watching you. You being so excited and happy and looking back at me yelling “mommy I’m doing it!” So much fun.