A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So this guy approached your dad while blowing leaves and asked if there were any believers in the house. After realizing he wasn’t a Jehovah’s Witness, he found our he dresses as Santa and visits local kids in the neighborhood. So he told the guy your name and gave his some things you are good with and the guy said he would be back on Weds night. He also said to put a gift outside the house if we wanted him to bring a present.

Well I forgot the present because I forgot he was coming. I heard a car door and though dad had come home. Then I heard something by the front door and figured your dad ordered Amazon and something was dropped off. Then there was a knock at the door so I thought UPS. Then I heard the bells and remembered. Lmao.

So I ran and turned on the front light and woke you from your nap to meet Santa. You were unsure as you just woke up but in the end we’re very excited. “I can’t believe Santa just came to our house!!”

He brought you a candy cane and sang you a song and you were thrilled. And I was just so excited for you.

I hope he stops by next year too. 🎄❄️❤️