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Words from a Mother

So today we were shipping at Walmart. I was walking us into an aisle when this woman fell strait backwards and was having a seizure. I was holding her head and talking to her. I told the other woman helping to go through her phone to find a contact and then blood came out of her mouth (she bit her tongue) and so I told her to call 911 instead. And as we turned her to keep from choking we found the puddle of blood beneath her head. I just kept talking to her and helped keep her from hurting herself more. Then this guy comes in and starts talking to her and I knew he was medical based on his questions. And I turned and this wonderful woman was chatting and playing with you for me. The EMS arrived, off she went I hugged the other lady and man, filled out some papers and then we were done.

The guy asked if I was a nurse. I said no. He said that I was amazing. The woman who helped (Brittany) said she was so thankful someone else was there to keep things calm. I think she was happy I told her what to do.

When it was all happening I kept looking back at you and you were scared. I kept telling you that we were helping the lady (Jessica) and that she was going to be ok, but we had to help.

In the end I was explaining what had happened to you and you were still confused and kept saying you were scared. Luckily you seem to be ok now a few hours later. I feel bad because I feel you were slightly traumatized, but I couldn’t not help that lady.

I sure hope she’s ok.