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Words from a Mother

So today was my wedding show at Villa Croatia and you were a flower girl in the fashion show.

You were so excited to get new shoes for it. You picked out your star tiara and your necklace. And then got your hair and makeup done. You were thrilled.

Then the little girl Lily who was to walk on stage was really scared. So you went up to her before the show, held out your hand and said “you can come with me. It will be ok.” Omg. You are truly something. So she ended up going on stage with you. And you two stole the show.

Complete with twirls and dancing and an authentic princess wave. I asked after if anyone told you to wave that way (with the fingers closed and twirling the wrist princess wave) and you said “no, I just wanted to wave like a princess.” That’s when everyone laughs in the video. You were owning that stage.

[wpvideo hXZ8eqf9 ][wpvideo D9oz6FbL ]