A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So I’m going to post two blogs separate from each other because I want to keep these topics apart.

And the first one is about your accidents, the plethora of accidents and our hopefully figuring out if the cause.

It came to a head when you started complaining about your tummy hurting and you need to throw up but can’t. You looked so sick and I just felt it was all truly connected. Even after talking with your doc at your 4y checkup I still knew something was wrong.

So I took you back in. And they tested your urine again for a UTI and found ketones in your urine. All things started to point to diabetes. So we did a blood draw and your number was high. So we came back to do another blood draw, this time an A1C. It was torture and I felt horrible and you still came out like a champ. You yelled and cried and everything, you got a donut afterwards (thinking it may be your last) and still asked to go to school. Like a total champ.

Your numbers came back totally normal. And I was so mad we went through all of that for no answers. I felt horrible. So we decided to continue up with a urologist. After some ultrasounds and x-rays we have determined you’re full of shit, literally. Which makes me more angry because I mentioned it to your doc at your 4y checkup and they said no, it’s behavioral.

And don’t get me wrong, I know some of it is behavioral, but this is not all 100% that. But anyways, we are not starting a series of miralax drinks and are working on flushing you out. I truly hope this brings an end to this continuous serious of accidents since November.

And I also want to apologize. For the trama you went through with the blood draw, which I know will make any future blood draw impossible. For the yelling I have done since November. I have gotten so much better the last couple months, but I know it has put a lasting impression on you and I am beyond absolutely crushed at that. I will be better and frankly am better. But I’m sorry.