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Words from a Mother

So today we went to your dance schools dress rehearsal. I didn’t know if you would be able to sit through the actual recital so we weren’t going to go. But when we ran into your teacher Ms. Kelly the other day, she asked us to come to the rehearsal. And so we did and I’m so glad.

You went to her tonight and said hello and she was generally happy that you were there and said she was so excited for you to be able to see what you’ll be doing next year. And then after a few dances she came to check in on you to see if you were still holding in. She was very proud.

So I was right and you only lasted an hour, which frankly is more than I thought you would. So I didn’t waste the money on tickets.

The best was as we were watching the first dance you cuddled into me and said “I feel sad because it’s so beautiful”. I was so taken aback that you felt that way and was amazed that you could understand what you were feeling. It was a beautiful moment.