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So here is a photo dump of all of our Christmas celebrations. First it started out with driving through some lights and visiting Santa.

[wpvideo WuK9PvcO ]

Then we went to Candy Cane Christmas, made a toy, a cookie, danced a bit and met with Santa and mrs clays. then dad and I cane into your lads to help you and your friends with your Christmas crafts. we made a lot of cookies and then delivered them to some neighbors. You got to play with some fun costumes too. then we went to Pringle’s inventinasium. Which I frankly don’t know how to spell. Lol. You made a toy and snow and met some fun elves. Then when you met Mr Kringle and he asked what you wanted for Christmas you said “you’re almost just like Santa Claus”. That’s when we had to explain that he was and that he has many names. Luckily he has his jacket on the back of the door for you to see. You also told him that we have lactose free milk “but it’s ok, it tastes the same.”and then we went outside to look at some lights. then we had grandma Marlene, Tim, uncle adam and aunt Lauren over for Christmas and made the glitter slime the next day. Grandma gave you a Barbie helicopter of when you screamed so loud, ripped it out of the box and was red in the face when you came running to me when I was cooking dinner. You were very excited. we made ornaments with your school picture in them for the family as well as a few gifts that you picked out yourself. You even helped me shop for a few kids to donate. I was very proud of you that you were starting to get the idea of gifts and that when we were shopping for the kids you would say things like “I think she would really love this”. cookies and carrots put for Santa and then Christmas in the morning where you got your Barbie airplane. I made cinnamon rolls of which you wouldn’t try, maybe next year. Lol. [wpvideo GXvE9ESw ]then off to aunt tias to visit family where you got Cozy Dozy (aka pink cherry as you call her). Which was a big win. then off to grandma roses where I got no pics because I was helping you open gifts. But this one where you wore your pjs we got you which was my favorite purchase by far. Lol. I did get a pic the next day in the dress up dress grab

A rose and Ginny got for you. Which has inspired your birthday party costume.