A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So the morning started like any other day until you went downstairs and saw that I decorated the living room with streamers, a sign and a crap ton of balloons. Lol. We ran in the balloons and threw them at each other before we headed to the table to enjoy breakfast from your daddy, a biagios sprinkle donut.

We played and enjoyed our morning together until we woke up your dad. And that’s when we had your scavenger hunt. I was hoping you would enjoy it, and frankly you did more than I imagined. You kept saying “I love this scavenger hunt!” You would read the clues with a little help from me on the big words and then run to the next one. Eventually you found your gifts in the dryer and we went back upstairs to open them with daddy.

You were excited for the clothes and the little live pets chicken but when you got the LOL doll you screamed. Lmao.

We played at home for a bit and then off to your party at Kiddie Jungle. There was about 11 friends that came to celebrate you and a lot of fun was had by all.

You wanted a Halloween costume party and dressed as a princess fairy. But before you left you opted out of the wings and magical wand and put on a tiara and just went as a princess. Lol.

Then after the party you came home and we had our usually sleepover night. Next week we head to great wolf lodge.