A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

It’s hitting me hard. Today Mrs Novak uploaded your gym class and said that it was the last gym class….I almost broke down in tears. Ms. Nemeth said today during your zoom class that it was going to be the last one. That time I did cry.

My heart hurts so much for you right now. And you seem to be ok with it so I’m trying to not put my feelings into you. But damn am I sad.

No graduation. No end of the year celebration. No closure with your friends going into other schools. It’s going to make kindergarten so much harder I think. I just wish things would go back to normal.

It’s looking like most of summers activities are closed. I doubt the pools will open. Playgrounds are still closed. Classes are cancelled. Events like fairs and concerts are cancelled. I had to move the wedding show again to November and I don’t even know if that’s safe. They say it will come back a second time and we’re not even out of the first time yet. Restaurants are slowly going to be opening soon. Salons and stores at the end of the week. We’re still staying home. It’s just too risky to take the chance.

I don’t even know what to do anymore. I’m out of my element and my mental health is not doing well. I was sad to spend my birthday and Mother’s Day quarantined. Nothing about the days felt special to me so I didn’t feel special myself. Though you did make me breakfast on my birthday. So there’s that.

I love you. We will get through this somehow.