A Blog for My Daughter

Words from a Mother

So I suck but frankly I’ve been struggling lately. I’m depressed and angry at the world. I’ve been having a hard time getting through this situation and I feel alone. So I haven’t done much of anything. Which includes remembering to write about important events in your life.

So a few weeks ago they filmed your dances for ballet and tap. We weren’t able to hold a traditional recital. So luckily you don’t know what you were missing.

The first day they filmed tap and you were nervous. You didn’t know what to expect really. So when you walked in and saw all the lights and cameras it was probably intimidating. I was able to watch through the hall windows. And you were more interested in your shadow puppets and itchy tights. Lol. It happens. You even said when you came out “I didn’t do the dance really mama.” I may have been disappointed inside because I know you knew the dance. But I just asked if you had fun and you did. That’s what matters. And as we left you said it was like filming a video for your fans on YouTube. So I used that for the next time.

The second day of filming I helped you by hyping up the filming for fans and that you knew what to expect this time. And you did amazing and your outfit was beautiful too. I gave you flowers like a traditional recital ending would have.

And of course as we walked back to the car you were excited about it but you also said that dance was boring and you don’t want to do it again. Lol. So I think we’re going to try gymnastics in a few months.